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Isaiah immediately approached and leaned into my shopping cart continuing to make sarcastic remarks. He refused to do so, also raising his handheld radio in very close proximity to me.I told him the radio is used to communicate, not use it as a potential weapon in a threatening manner.Todd Palin told officers his son came through a window and beat him on the head after the two argued about a truck Track wanted, charging documents say.Todd said Track had been drinking and taking prescription pills.A bearded, tattooed and silent Track Palin sat in a Palmer courtroom today as a judge signed off on house arrest for charges from Palin’s assault on his father Saturday.Palin, 28, was arrested by Wasilla police Saturday after his mother, former Alaska Gov. He is charged with felony first-degree burglary and misdemeanor fourth-degree assault, both related to domestic violence.Isaiah refused to step away from me putting his hands in the air making a verbal gesture to me (Attempting to provoke me) as he remained leaning into my shopping cart.

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The best email address is [email protected] we have not heard a response back yet.

When Ashley asked Isaiah to please utilize his radio to eliminate me from further inconvenience (I underwent surgery to have my neck replaced) he still refused displaying an unprofessional demeanor.

At this time, Ashley asked another Employee to please call for the Store Manager.

If your child has a phobia for canine kisses, then he or she definitely better stay clear of pit bulls. Those of us who really know pit bulls, know that they’re just dogs (OK, maybe they’re especially cuddly and goofy dogs). For a more serious look at pit bull myths and facts, click here and visit the Stubbydog resource page.

They can’t wait to find that little kid and cover them in kisses. They may even show them where the couch (and TV) is, where the coziest bedroom (and jewelry) is, and invite them to stay and cuddle awhile.

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