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Steve Blank put it well: when it comes to start-ups, “no business plan survives the first contact with a customer”. Traditional business plans are appropriate for big companies and specific kinds of upper-level employees (e.g., corporate managers).

For instance, a Marketing Manager at Coca Cola who’s set to launch a new line of cola drinks will follow a business plan by acting in accordance with a host of previously used and familiar procedures and data points, such as creating amount of revenue. Which previously used and familiar data can you invoke?

Similarly, rather than investing a ton of money into buying ad space, you divide your marketing budget such that you invest in several advertising strategies and run analytics on each of them in order to determine which delivers the best ROI.

We recently published a couple of in-depth articles detailing different strategies for effectively testing your product ideas and actual products by collecting real-world feedback from actual users—give them a read here and here.

Start-Up founders simply cannot predict the future; it would, therefore, be entirely foolish to follow some 50-100 page document that contains educated guesses at best and fantasies and irrelevant data at worst.

When it comes to traditional businesses, it’s usually a good idea (not to mention standard practice) to create a formal business plan.Ries uses the terms “iterative” (i.e., back-and-forth/continuous development based on ongoing customer feedback) and “validated learning” (i.e., many rounds of analytics- and metrics-based testing of assumptions designed to further refine hypotheses and thereby progressively build a sustainable product) to describe his methodology.The arrival of the lean start-up (both as a mentality and as practical steps to be taken whilst building a new company) has helped usher in serious challenges to various previously taken-for-granted aspects of doing business as a start-up in the 21 century.A business plan is a highly detailed document that a) reviews one’s industry, previous earnings, current products and services, etc.and b) forecasts future revenue, means for distinguishing oneself from one’s competitors, upcoming changes to the market, etc.

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