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this was to ask about the so called festivity payments that she'd said i would recieve but she said i would have to contact the finance team, i asked for the number & as she didt have it to hand she promised to text it to me later that afternoon. i sent her a message this morning because the washing machine has now broken down again and i'm still waiting for her to get back to me.

i kow social workers have there hands full and that there is alot of families that need help more than me but i find it so frustrating.

I am a qualified social worker though no longer work in social work directly.

My experience of Special Guardianship Orders is that usually once they are granted social work visits would be a lot less frequent (if they happened at all, in many cases they would stop soon after the order was granted).

As for SS, i think you are right about them knowing they can fob me off.

Since my niece first came to live with me I have always tried to get by without asking for help, i suppose i was afraid that people would think i couldn't manage. I have decided that I am going to contact SS on monday and ask to speak to SW manager about the issues i have with them. I would definately speak to a manager and find out where you stand.

at times i think i may just be expecting more than i'm entitled to but to be honest it is very rare that i ask for any help, and when i do it is refused.

I dont really have any experience or anything useful to help you but didnt want to read and run.

i was told by the social worker during my assessment that extra money would be provided for my niece at christmas & birthdays and that they would provide some money towards a holiday, but as of yet it has never been provided.i have her mobile number but she never answers, and it is very rare she replies to my messages.i did manage to get hold of her 3 weeks ago after leaving three messages.If something is due to you then you should have it and not have to make constant calls again at your expence.I think that SS have realised that you are not a screamer and shouter and that because you strive to deal with as much as you can without asking for help that they fob you off.

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