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That description came from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, version A, written between 877 and 899, and is the first record of the death of King Edmund, later to be called St Edmund, King and Martyr.

A note to the Canterbury Version F of the Chronicles, adds that the Danish head men who slew the King were Ingware (Ivar the Boneless) and Ubba.

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Perhaps the Danes now felt strong enough to take him on, or perhaps he had now resolved to resist them.

He may have been given no choice, for as we have seen in Kent in 865, one band of Vikings would happily take your money, and then another band might attack you anyway.

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The year began with a Danish army having over-wintered at Thanet.The men of Kent promised to pay them off, but the Viking host went inland and attacked the eastern part of Kent anyway.By the end of the summer, more vikings were to arrive in England, this time led by royal princes determined to do more than hit and run.The Chronicle reads as if the Danes had already taken Thetford, intending to settle there for the Winter, when they were attacked by King Edmund, and his Anglo-Saxon fyrd, or army, in late November.If King Edmund had indeed paid off the Danes to avoid war in 865, we do not know why the same thing was not attempted in 869.

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