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In a very real way, we are the epicentre for the most pressing issue ‎Canadians face — reconciling ‎our past, present and future as Indigenous and Non-Indigenous citizens.

People from scores of communities to the north come to Thunder Bay seeking education, medical treatment, jobs, family and friends, goods and services, and a welcoming refuge from natural disasters.

But there is a ‎deeper, more profound way to view what is happening in our city.

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We are also seeking assistance from partners such as the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate, which has shown a keen interest in supporting Thunder Bay’s efforts.

Modern technology assists greatly with computerized drug interaction screening.

However the personal touch, face to face still holds sway... New Rotarian Peter Viitala entered the Rotary family at our first 2016 meeting with fanfare. Roly Turner, current (in his 4th year) Rotary District Foundation Chair, delivered a masterful explanation of the Rotary Foundation.

Reverend Dunn thanked Rotarians on behalf of the whole group, and reminded us that he was a Rotary student award recipient 60 (sixty) years ago!

Kevin and the club are delighted with assisting these community service partners.

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